Lunar Cow specializes in assisting Destination Marketers to increase travel by strengthening brand communication over the Web, in Print and through Multimedia. Our national clients include travel destinations, theme parks, animal properties and other fun places to visit.

Our Creative Business Professionals blend a creative passion with market research, strategic planning and best practices campaign development to achieve brand communications that "get noticed" and deliver measurable response.


A dynamic, interactive tool built to enhance user experiences in wayfinding and trip planning.

Lunar Cow’s iMap will take your maps further than they have ever gone before. iMaps offer visitors and trip planners a better awareness for what the area or property has to offer and show how easy it is to find their way, wherever they want to go.


Our Process

Our process is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1 – Assessment and Redesign: We assess your map and find ways to improve it. We then begin redesigning the map to make it more effective and better positioned to take advantage of our exciting iMap features.


Step 2 – Skinning, Prototype Development and Testing: During this step your iMap takes shape. A “skin,” or the overall look of the interface and its navigation is created to house and allow visitors to interact with your map. We work with you to integrate your core content into our dynamic back-end so that all your region or property has to offer will be ideally showcased in the iMap. We close out this step by thoroughly testing the prototype and providing you with easy-to-digest training sessions that allow you to feel confident continuing to edit your iMap’s content in the future.


Step 3 – iMap Launch: Finally, your iMap is ready to launch. We coordinate the effort for you so it integrates into your site seamlessly. We also help you shape awareness for the new map so your audience is able to find it easily and begin using it.



The value of an iMap is significant! It replaces your static map with a far superior tool that offers your visitors easy-to-use functionality to help them plan a trip or get around during their visit. Need a special feature or unique functionality? No problem. We build to suit and will easily help you bring greater functionality to your iMap. Finally, the dynamic back-end allows you to easily maintain your iMap well into the future. 


Getting Started

Does your map do all of this? Well it can soon and we can help! Contact us for a free quote and assessment of your map today.




  • Self-funding Financial Model
  • Dynamic CMS
  • Trip Planning
  • Itinerary Builder
  • Sample Itineraries
  • P.O.I Pop-ups
  • Plan an Itinerary
  • Social Media
  • Get Directions
  • Filter Controls
  • Advertising and Sales
  • Full Analytics Package
  • And More